• Add a Runner:
    • a rug can add so much warmth and color to your kitchen, not to mention it will be nice on your feet when standing in there cooking.
  • Bring in Greenery:
    • The kitchen is a wonderful spot to add in some fresh greenery, especially herbs. If herbs aren’t for you, consider other plants that you can display (preferably near the sink so you don’t forget to water them).
  • Light up your Kitchen:
    • Make sure you have plenty of lighting in your kitchen. Consider pendants, under cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting. All of these will work together to create a layered and well-lit kitchen space.
  • Go for Glass Fronts:
    • Glass-front cabinets create a bright, open feeling in a kitchen. Intersperse them with solid-door cabinetry for the perfect mix of display and hidden storage.
  • Clever Storage Solutions:
    • Pullout drawers are a clever way to keep countertops clear and keep frequently used items close at hand. This solution is perfect for adding spice storage next to the cooktop, keeping recycling and trash hidden, or for keeping pots and pans better organized.