Arab African Promoters for International Conferences & Exhibitions is a part of the TNH family and the organizer of Le Marché.

Since 1983, AAPIC has been one of the leading companies for exhibitions, conferences and event organization in the MENA region. We are a team of dedicated event professionals, offering a diverse range of services and projects to the local and regional business community.

Our combination of creative thinking, business acumen and attention to detail means we consistently excel in transforming ideas from sparks to life, expertly executed down to the finest details. We are proud of our rich history and the strong relationships we have developed over the years, consistently exceeding expectations and going “the extra mile” for our clients.

Le Marché is a place for innovation, creativity and modernization, and it is our pleasure to welcome you to this very special event.

Our Big Family

Tarek Nour Holding is a place of creative innovation. A multifaceted, multitalented entity, and a pioneer of what we now refer to as the advertising industry in the region.

This agency is a cultural staple and has instigated many ‘firsts’, paving the way for an entire generation of creatives to thrive and grow in an ever-evolving field. TNH is a place where memorable results are created from A to Z - we build holistic campaigns from research and conceptualization to execution of events and media planning. It is an all-house in-house media and events conglomerate, and the first of its kind in Egypt.

Most importantly, TNH is a place of exploration.

In recent years the agency has begun to expand its client base horizontally, encompassing more than just the Egyptian market, and successfully infiltrating the GCC and MENA regions at large with resonating ads and events that speak to a global audience.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve done some very cool work, but as the industry evolves, so have we. We’re in the business of telling stories for our clients, for their customers, and for ourselves. This next chapter will run a little differently - with over 40 years of experience under our belt - we’re ready to take the events and media experiences to the next level.


Our most valuable asset is our employees. Ours is a motivational and dynamic work environment where people can foster their talents and achieve their full potential.

As a market leader both in Egypt and the region, Le Marché is a place of learning and aspiration.

We are constantly looking for talented, ambitious and professional individuals who share our values and are keen to apply their skills in bountiful ways. If you are seeking a new experience that will nurture your talent and motivate you to achieve your true potential, contact us today.