Bedding & Linen

  • Mix, don’t match.
      Pick a focal piece, a gorgeous quilt, a luxurious duvet, or a printed sheet set that has lots of pairing possibilities. This will allow you to change up your look by the season simply by switching out companion items.
  • Don’t forget to layer
      Your bed will look luxurious and warm if you add several lightweight layers of sheets followed by a matelassé coverlet, topped with a quilt, and finished off with a cushy duvet that can be peeled back for just the right level of snuggle ability.
  • Pump it up with pillows
      It is always better to line the back of the bed with some comfy pillows, two for queen and three for king; it matches them to the bed skirt, if you’re using one—then layers sleeping pillows in front. Finally, it is better to finish off the bed with two or more decorative pillows. This is where you can really have some fun, matching them to the quilt or pairing different patterns in the same color palette
  • Neutral bright pillows and bedding.
      Making this small change will brighten your space and add new texture to your home.
  • Linen Materials:
    • To avoid mistakes, you can choose cotton bed linen, a great classic of the sleeping area, which is perfectly suited to all seasons. Comfortable, resistant and delicate on the skin, cotton or cotton percale sheets have a good breathability and are always fresh and soft to the touch
    • If the furniture or walls in your room are colorful or have special patterns, you can choose bedding by focusing on more neutral and delicate colors. Plain sheets, such as the basic double sheet set or white sheets with contrasting profiles, such as Capri sheets, are perfect for any environment and can be easily combined with matching or patterned bed linen.