• Choose Quality Over Quantity
    • When it comes to room accessories, less is often more. One unique piece may work better in your space than loads of tiny knick knacks that have no value beyond price.
  • Combine Textures and Colors
    • Neutrals are great in large furnishings and permanent fixtures, but inexpensive accessories are perfect to really break out with pops of color and varying textures.
  • Add Accessories in Layers
    • Large accessories should be placed first and sparingly, with medium- and small-sized accessories filling in and adding balance where needed. Several small accessories can give the "feel" of a large item when grouped, but don’t forget to leave some breathing room.
  • Consider Asymmetrical Arrangements
    • Mantles are commonly decorated with a mirror or art in the center, surrounded by a candle or vase on each side. When organizing accessories, aim for balance rather than symmetry and arrange smaller objects in odd numbers, such as threes or fives.